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Story of our game is being explained in 2-3 century in the future. Origin of the story is being based on a 60 year-old man who is a scientist and devoted his life to time concept and trying to find out black holes by using spaceship which hijacked from underground labrotary which is undercontrol the scientist.Scientist,who build a planet with information that gathered from blackhole,ceded the story to Elliot 10 generation later. In the planet where technology and magic used by blending,Elliot and Evalia are trying to save their planet and also sacrificing for their planet.Sustainability of the planet is connected to Evalia's life.In spite of the Elliot's all effort,Evalia lost his life with epic ceremony.Today only one force to bring back Evalia is based to an unsolved puzzle.

As rumors,years ago in blackhole,a stone was found.For years,they have been thinking about this stone.It is a resource of magic forces.To find it,Magicians sacrifice themselves.If rumors are right,and this stone part is being equipped with magic,Can it be bring back the time?

Elliot goes to Pumilus in order to find the answer for this question and come back to Evalia's life to reunite with her again.


The Reditum that we developed by using Unreal Engine 4.9 has surreal environment game.It contains puzzle,ability,adventure and intelligence in the same time.It has third person camera.Basically the purpose in the game is find out the key and to continue to gate.During this time,we have tried to get the game hard by using several types of difficulties.While several levels of the game has puzzle,other levels of the game has ability and others have both.The game has craft and skill parts that they make the game differencies.There are several hidden types of particuls in each of the section of the game.You should not collect the particuls for completing the levels but you should collect the particuls for developing abilities.Running fast,slowing the time,and camera travel are some of these abilities.